Pop-Up Shops

Setting up a popup shop is a powerful tactic for maximizing brand awareness and product sales in a specific market. Whether your shop is focused on an event, a seasonal opportunity, or a revenue enhancement goal, you are faced with both the opportunity and the challenge of creating a unique customer experience on a short timeline.

Watch a pop-up shop come together, for LIDS at Super Bowl XLVI.


Image 4 has been designing and launching "Rapid Retail" and "Pop-up Shops" since the genre was known, for local, national and international brands. With over a decade of experience, our team can quickly interpret your vision and expedite the design and creation process, with an eye to take advantage of the unique brand and sales opportunities a popup shop provides.

Throughout the design and build process, we work with you on the best strategy to create buzz and maximize your impact. In only 12 to 16 weeks, we transform an idea into a unique brand experience that drives awareness and meets your goals.

To find out how Image 4 has delivered popup projects for the world’s major brands, contact us today.


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